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What Premium Car Detailing Products We Use

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What premium car detailing products we use

The high quality of service we deliver at A2D heavily depends on the quality of products we use. 20 years ago, when we founded A2D, we decided to focus on luxury services and use only premium car detailing products from globally respected brands. From paint protection films and tints to sealants and equipment used in detailing, servicing, tinting, and surface protection, we always go for the best products available in the market.

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list of products

 window tinting

Apart from keeping unnecessary light and heat out of the vehicle, window tinting is all about finesse and esthetics. If you apply anything less than the very best tinting films available in the market, or if your film installer is not an expert who has perfected the skill, your tints will not look like the best fit for your car.

Apart from a passionate team of tinting experts, we use premium films to give our clients the ultimate satisfaction with their window tints.

  • HUPER OPTIK: We use the super-durable and lasting films from Huper Optik for commercial window tinting. Their Ceramic and Select series of films are built for absolute luxury and unyielding resilience.
  • AUTOBAHN FILMS: We also use the latest product lines developed by Autobahn Films, another industry pioneer. Their premium lines, including Silver Elite, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite (Air Ceramic), and Titanium Elite (Ceramic i3) offer a variety of durability and technology, meeting the needs of all types of car owners.
ceramic coating

Ceramic coating has become popular in recent years and presents a lasting, invisible protective solution for your car’s exterior, windows and shields. Our skilled staff apply premium ceramic coating on your car using the best-in-class equipment and latest techniques. We use ceramic coating products from the following:

  • AUTOBAHN FILMS: Autobahn has revolutionized ceramic coating with their nano-tech, which creates the most resilient, and completely transparent, barrier between your car’s surfaces and the elements.
  • XPEL: Xpel is another leader in ceramic coating with a wide variety of coatings available to meet the needs of a broad range of customers.
paint protection
  • AUTOBAHN FILMS: Autobahn’s ceramic and other paint protection products are considered top-of-the-line due to the technology and materials they use to build these products.
  • XPEL: Made by Xpel, the Ultimate Plus is a fully transparent Clear Bra polyurethane film that protects your paint and surfaces from road debris, scorching heat, stains, and much more.