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a new red sports car

Buying your first car is a huge milestone and a major moment in your life. No matter if you've saved up for your new set of wheels or taken a loan to finance it, your first car is always important.

However, many people are swayed by trends and end up buying a car they don't even want! This can be a major problem as cars are expensive and you don't want to lose money driving something that you don't even like.

This is why we've put together a list of things to keep in mind when buying your first car.

Think About Budget and Financing

We understand that you're ecstatic about your new vehicle. But when you're buying your first car, you need to be more practical and set realistic standards. It's wise to make a budget and then stick by it.

Instead of thinking about "nice to haves," focus on your needs first. For example, think of the local weather conditions and your lifestyle needs before purchasing a vehicle.

That's why when you decide your budget, take into account running costs as well as the cost of the vehicle. These include but aren't always limited to:

  2. Car Fuel
  3. Maintenance Cost
  4. Road tax
  5. Repair costs

Manual or Automatic?

When it comes to purchasing your car, you need to have at least a faint idea whether you want to drive an automatic or a manual. You need to have some experience driving a manual before you think about purchasing one.

Your Car's Condition

Knowing your needs is essential before you decide to buy a vehicle. For example, are you looking to upgrade in a couple years? Then you can buy a car that's affordable or in a rougher condition. But you'll have to put down more money if you're looking for a car that's going to be your pride and joy for many years.


a white car with tinted windows



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