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About Us

About Our Company

We are a team of car enthusiasts who simply love being around cars. With many years of specialized experience in their particular niche, each member of our team delivers the very best in quality of service to every customer every single time.

Such promise of service quality calls for unyielding commitment. The A2D team not only understands this but are the ones who introduced this level of dedication to the craft of luxury detailing, window tinting, and paint perfection.

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Our Roots

A2D takes pride in its history of two decades in the auto films installation and luxury detailing industry. Over these years, the company has seen significant growth and focused entirely on the high-end servicing market.

We now provide services in these six cities across Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama:

  • Slidell, LA
  • Gulfport, MS
  • Biloxi, MS
  • Daphne, AL
  • Mobile, AL
  • Fair Hope, AL

Our Leadership

When it comes to our roots, they run deeper than the 20 years we get to show for the A2D brand. Our history is rich with the love for cars and serving the community, which show in the lives of our founders and leaders, Bruce Walker and Terrence Walker.

Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker is the Founder of A2D Auto Films. The A2D brand and business is Bruce’s brainchild, and he is immensely proud of how the company and his team are already the go-to detailing and paint protection service providers for hundreds of drivers across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Bruce was always a car enthusiast. When he was a teenager, he started working in the automotive industry. With a gift for understanding cars inside out, Bruce instated a firm command of advanced car mechanics and repairs. He particularly developed strong skills for body and fender collision repairs.

This first two jobs taught him a lot and built his idea of commitment to quality of service. He learned that in a detailing or repairs job, pursuing perfection was utmost important. He determined that he would always only achieve the best possible outcomes for his customers, and now this idea has become a central business value at A2D.

In his youth, Bruce was always busy fiddling with his own cars. He became a custom auto aficionado and customizing his car’s audio, wheels and exteriors became his favorite pastime.

He also realized that tinted windows had a great influence on the car’s esthetics and personality. When done right, with a professional’s level of expertise, tinted windows can redefine how a car looks.

Bruce learned that window tinting was a difficult task even for a gifted young man like him. He committed to the skill and soon became an expert in window tint installations.

Over the years, working on his own cars and those of friends, family, and random customers, he became so apt at it that he invented the idea of A-tint-ion 2 Detail, which he later picked as the name for his business.

In Bruce’s mind, A-tint-ion 2 Detail is much more than a catchy name for his brand. He believes it is a professional skill that every expert worth their salt in the field of car detailing and window tinting must achieve.

During the 20 years A2D has served its thousands of customers, Bruce has perfected his craft. He has also used the same principles and ideals to train his team, which is why he feels satisfied with the work his team is doing for the A2D customers.

However, being a connoisseur and a perfectionist, Bruce believes being the best at something means evolving with the industry. He deeply believes the best service in car detailing, window tinting, and paint protection can only be delivered with the help of latest technology and techniques.

This is why A2D customers know that the service they get at A2D, and the techniques and equipment used on their cars, are handpicked after a great deal of research. They know that the materials, products and services they get at A2D are simply the best.

Terrence Walker

Years ago, Terrence Walker became a part of the A2D team as a Business Development Consultant. With his strategic assistance, the brand has emerged as a leader in these services across the three neighboring states.

In 2018, he became a Managing Partner and has been more involved in the business since.

In terms of occupation, Terrence comes from an insurance and business development background. With his innate talents for counseling and strategic analysis, he became a versatile professional and made a name for himself in institutional administration, business strategy, and insurance.

Over the decades, Terrence has worked as a pharmacy technician and business owner, independent contractor in financial services, a school administrator, and an insurance agent specializing in catastrophe claims adjustment.

Terrence was awarded his bachelor’s degree in business and he specializes in training, development, and leadership from his vast experience of being a proprietary school owner of many years.

He has also complete numerous trainings, including a long list of government certifications, having worked under multiple licenses for the government sector as well as the insurance industry.

Additionally, he possesses several licenses from designated state departments in Louisiana and Mississippi (and many other states for insurance services).

Along with his professional development, Terrence always had a passion for cars that he could not pursue due to his demanding career. However, when Bruce brought up the idea to him, he was more than happy to give A2D the support it needed.

With his vast administrative and professional experience, Terrence brings a unique domain of value to A2D management, building strategies that have proven to help the business grow over the years. With his professional trainings and certifications, he has built a strong focus on standards and quality of service, which have become the cornerstones of the A2D brand.

Our Philosophy

Cars are a very important part of our lives now. They transport us and are among the most useful machines we use today – but they can be more than that. Car enthusiasts like us believe that the way we maintain our cars and invest in their upkeep not only adds to the machines’ performance but also creates an impression of how much attention we pay to the important things in life.

At A2D, we strongly believe cars must be driven with optimum comfort and esthetics. When you buy a car from a great brand, you get the performance of a winning machine, but there is a lot you can do to make your car really your own – and that’s where luxury and esthetics come into play.

Our philosophy makes our team a conduit of transformation. We turn your car into a machine with a personality – a personality that matches your own.

The work we do makes people fall in love with their cars again, and we believe that is the best outcome our skills can achieve.

Our Vision

To become the go-to auto film installation facility and luxury detailing providers for car owners in all corners of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana

Why Choose Us

A2D is a symbol of passion and love for the comfort a car can deliver while looking its best. Customers have always chosen us for our unflinching professionalism, thorough attention to detail, impeccable customer service, and premium quality products.

  • We deliver the very best in luxury detailing, surface protection, and other services for your interior and exteriors.
  • We use top-of-the-line products made by best-in-class brands, including Huper Optik, Autobahn, Global, Xpel, Oracal, and many more.
  • We offer a wide range of services with cutting-edge technology options available in the market.
  • Our team is made up of technique specialists, each with proper licenses, trainings, and several years of experience in the field.

Thus, when you choose A2D for car detailing, window tinting, or paint protection, you choose the best quality of service delivered by means of top-of-the-line products applied by a truly expert team. We are determined to delivering perfection, and this is why car enthusiasts choose us for true luxury.

See What Our Customers Say

Okay, I must admit I was skeptical at first when my nephew recommended I get a carbon fiber wrap on my corvette stingray from A2D Auto Films. I just kept asking myself, why?

However, when he dragged me down to the shop and a really helpful person – can’t recall the name – actually showed me what it looked like on a car, I was convinced. The shop was really clean, so that was a big plus. Not to mention how my nephew got to ogle at some really nice cars in the shop.

Fast forward about 45-60 minutes, I couldn’t believe it was my car when they told me it was done! My corvette stood there with a new design, the hood and roof seeming like it was replaced with a carbon fiber-one. I had to practically touch it to believe that it was just a wrap – and even then I had my doubts. All-in-all a pretty good experience. Planning to bring the wife’s car here soon to get it wrapped. 

Core Values

LUXURY: We are focused on luxury rather than affordability, which is why we use premium products and skilled experts in our team.

QUALITY: We are deeply committed to quality and perfection for every customer and every job.

THOROUGHNESS: A2D stands for A-tint-ion 2 Detail, and we follow this mantra in everything we do, which makes us impeccably thorough.

KNOWLEDGE: We stay on top of industry trends and keep our teams’ knowledge and skills abreast the emerging technologies and techniques related to car detailing, window tinting, and paint protection.

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